Anti-Money Laundering and Client Information Protection Policy

Anti-Money Laundering and Client Information Protection Policy in Parimatch in India.

The Anti-Money Laundering and Client Information Protection Policy (KYC Policy) aims to prevent and minimize any possible risks associated with our involvement in various forms of illegal behavior.

The Company continually monitors to minimize and manage reputational, legal and regulatory risks, prevent money laundering and combat the financing of terrorism.

In order to comply with international security standards, the Company operates exclusively in accordance with anti-money laundering and counter the financing of terrorism and criminal activity legislation. To maintain the security and legitimacy of all activities on our services, the following laws and regulations are taken into account: The Council of Supervision of Financial Activities (COAF), which is a financial intelligence unit (FIU) recently affiliated with the Central Bank of Brazil (Article 2 of Law 13,974 /). 2020), as well as the Central Bank itself, Article 1 of Law 9613/98), also known as the Anti-Money Laundering Law, as amended by Law 12683/12.

To oversee regulatory compliance, an Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Department has been set up in the Company to work out the anti-money laundering measures and “Know Your Customer” (AML/KYC) processes that are mandatory for all employees of the Company. In addition, the Department also sets policies for interacting with registered and active accounts (“Customers”) on the Company’s website (the “Website”).

Our Compliance Department is aimed at ensuring that all of the Company’s operation is in line with international anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing standards, and that all documents supplied by the Client are relevant and fully in compliance with applicable legal provisions. Thus, upon setting up an online account on the Website, Customer unreservedly adheres to the Company’s policy, accepts the below rules and commits to respect them.

In order to comply with the above-described regulatory standards, the company provides a sheet of information containing the necessary documents that must be submitted by each player. These documents are as follows: a color photo of the passport (a screenshot of the first two pages of the passport with basic personal information, first name, last name, place of registration) or a color photo of the national ID card. Regarding the additional request, in order to ensure security and additional verification, the company may request additional data, such as a copy of the Client’s driver’s license, utility bills (where the single address indicated in the passport data is identified). According to the verification procedure, confirmation of a valid phone number is a mandatory procedure. Management maintains the authority to request additional records as considered necessary within the established timeframe to complete AML inspections and meet standards.

Withdrawal of funds from the client’s account can be authorized only after identification of the client’s identity. For this purpose, the client’s identity is supposed to be verified by providing personal data, namely: a valid passport, ID card, driver’s license or other documents confirming the client’s identity, and a completed questionnaire. The money can be transferred only to the account corresponding to the individual indicated as our client (the owner of the personal account on the Website). It is prohibited to withdraw funds to any third party. Inter-customer transfers are also prohibited.

The Company is obliged by applicable law to provide information about the Client to financial institutions and law enforcement agencies, if required. This action may be taken without prior notice from the Client.  Utilizing the Site, the Client provides the Company with his/her approval to carry out these measures. Subject to this clause, the Company shall keep all information about the Client, his staking history, and payment operations for a minimum of five years.

Hereby the client commits to observe legal norms, among them international norms, focused on combating illegal money transfers, money fraud, laundering of money and legalization of illegally obtained funds.

The Client provides a full warranty of the legal source, legal property right and utilization of the funds credited to his/her account.

In case of detection on the Client’s account of signs of suspicious transactions, crediting of funds from dubious sources (for example, in case of mismatch of sender and account holder data) and/or any actions with signs of fraud ( including any returns or canceled payments), The Company leaves the right to perform an in-house research, block or close the Client’s account, deny any payments and suspend operations on the account until the official investigation is terminated. In taking a conclusion, the Company follows the provisions of the current legislation.

Due to the established regulatory policy, the Company reserves the right to request additional data about the Client, if necessary, if the withdrawal method differs from the deposit method. It is also within the Company’s right to block the Client’s current account for a period of time for the purpose of investigation and compliance of information, if reasons are identified that the Client refuses to provide additional information as requested by the Company.

During the investigation, the Company may ask for extra copies of the Client’s ID documents, also copies of the bank cards used to replenish the account, payment documents and other documents confirming the legal possession and legal nature of the funds. The Company is also authorized to demand for original documents.

The Company is required to conduct thorough due diligence on Clients identified as high risk jurisdictions.

Rejection by the Company of the operations that the Company finds suspicious (including locking or closing of the Client’s account) shall not be the basis for the Company’s civil responsibility for non-fulfillment of obligations to the Client.

In accordance with the established regulations regarding financial and personal security, the Company has the right not to notify the Client that additional checks are being carried out on a prospective account that are related to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing.

The Client Agreement includes an important part such as the Anti-Money Laundering Policy and is regulated by the Company to provide safe and responsible gambling and betting and is an integral part of the Client Agreement.