Privacy Policy Parimatch

Privacy Policy at Parimatch in India.

The following information discloses the means and methods by which information is collected and disseminated on the current site.

  1. In order to provide the full range of services on the Parimatch website, the Player’s personal information collected in the course of the interaction (here we mean personal data such as phone number, e-mail address, etc.) is subject to processing by Parimatch (including its agents and employees) and (if necessary) by our partners and subcontractors. This personal information is made available to us at the time of registration of the user’s account (by entering the Player’s personal identification data), as well as at the time of written requests to Parimatch, for example to the technical support service. All information is recorded on our resources and is processed to identify the player’s account.
  2. The use of all kinds of services on our service assumes that the registered user has read and understood the information regarding the Privacy Policy. And thereby provides us with information to monitor and ensure control over the order of interaction.
  1. Parimatch collects Player information for the purposes of:
  • Allow us to customize the Player’s Account to enable the Player to take full benefit of all functionalities of the Services, taking into account placing bets and participating in games;
  • Allow us to obtain queries and feedback from the Player using our online support desk and to be able to address such queries and comments;
  • Observe applicable policies relating to Player enrollment, such as complying with age verifications;
  • Maintain the Player’s awareness of future Parimatch news, offers and promotions;
  • Apart from the generic purposes set out in paragraph 1 outlined above, there will be Parimatch’s sole use of Player information, involving data interchange with our 3rd party affiliates and subcontractors who handle the data, involving, where necessary, the Player’s details directly on our behalf;
  • Customizing, running, administering and supporting your player account;
  • Delivering any services requested from us and for any appropriate objective in relation to such delivery;
  • Checking that the Player has disclosed such information accurately to third parties ( i.e. financial institutions, age verification agencies as well as credit information agencies) in relation to such uses (a record of the lookup will be kept and the 3rd party may utilize this info and help other businesses for verification purposes);
  • Providing statistics regarding the use of the services by you and other users;
  • To prepare and demonstrate relevant customized marketing materials and content;
  • Sending written messages to account holders to notify them from time to time of major service modifications, maintenance updates of technical issues, or changes to the Policy Set (which includes this Privacy Policy);
  • Complying with legal requests or complying with regulatory or legal processes or operating to preserve the interests of sports organizations or other qualified authorities;
  • Undertaking investigations into an alleged illegal, fraudulent or other wrongful activity in connection with the Services;
  • Reporting of a crime or presumption of crime, involving money laundering or any fraud, and
  • For any other purpose required to comply with our contractual obligations to the Player.

2.Parimatch does not provide its user with unsolicited information in the form of commercial offers or advertisements of third parties.

3.Parimatch reserves the right to use the user’s name and/or the Player’s name and area for any business or marketing purposes.

4.Telephone connections to and from our Tech center are recorded in order to improve the efficiency and security of the services provided;

5.In the event of transfer or resale of a business, personal information of players may be transferred to that part of the business. In case of insolvency, information may also be transferred to the relevant authorities;

6.In case of unwillingness of a player to provide further necessary information or use by us of already existing information, the player may contact us and notify us of his desire to discontinue the use of personal information.

In case of changing/updating personal information, the player can edit his Parimatch account by using our service through the “My Account/Update Account Details” section (if available). We are also happy to help personally; to do this, you can contact our customer support team personally with your request.