Dispute Resolution Policy

All complaints emanating from Clients and controversial situations are considered by Parimatch Company very seriously and are resolved in an extremely fair and timely manner.


Dispute Resolution in Parimatch in India.

According to the Company’s Resolution Policy, this procedure is characterized by the following peculiarities:


  1. If a Client wants to dispute the decision on his/her complaint made by the Company, it is possible to take the matter to the Customer Support Team by filing an official complaint at any time within 10 days of the complaint’s emergence date, as stated in the Company’s Terms and Conditions.When filing a direct complaint to the Customer Support Team, a Client must clearly and unequivocally disclose his/her identity as well as all related details that led to the complaint.
  2. Within 30 days of the complaint being submitted, the Customer Support Team promises to give the Client a comprehensive answer about the issue. Nevertheless, this might take longer if the issue is complicated and the Customer Support Team needs to conduct a thorough investigation. Furthermore, the 30-day term will be extended until all required information is supplied in cases where the resolution depends on the Client providing further information.
  3. All phone calls, emails, and correspondence between the Client and the Company are recorded and/or monitored by the Company to guarantee client protection and the highest quality of client care.
  4. When many sources report conflicting results for the same event, each with evident errors, the Company has the last say when it comes to determining the results and settling bets. In cases where there are disagreements and no prior decisions, the Company makes the final decision as well.
  5. To the extent needed or authorized by law, the Company reserves the right to retain any information and personal data about the Client’s complaint. As stated in the Privacy Policy, the Client is entitled to view personal information that the Company maintains.
  6. Only in cases where the Client feels the Company is violating the license may he or she get in touch with the Commissioner (Curacao licensing). Any disputes related to payouts, suspended accounts, delays, malfunctioning services, and other issues should be addressed directly to the Company.
  7. In case when a Client wants to make a complaint to the Commissioner, he/she can do it by sending an email to the regulator’s official email address. It is necessary for the Client to verify the Company’s license by clicking on the Curacao sign at the bottom of the site’s homepage, which includes the regulator’s contact details.