Parimatch India cares about each of its players. For this reason, we draw your attention to the fact that gambling should be perceived by you as a form of entertainment, which should not turn into obsession and addiction as well, and should not be a source of income. For the same reason, players are advised to control themselves, and responsibly plan their budget and the time they spend on online games. Moreover, it is equally important to notice changes in your behavior, mood, and reactions, as they can tell you if something is wrong due to your participation in such activities. If you notice any negative changes in yourself, you should take a break from gambling. In this case, the usual cooling-off limit may be enough for you, however, if you completely lose control over the situation, cannot stop your excessive spending, and feel dependent, you should set a self-exclusion for a certain period until you feel better or forever.


Parimatch’s responsible gaming policy is an integral part of the company. Thanks to it, players can set various limits on their activity on the site, and company employees can track frequent losses of clients or their communication and behavior in chats with the support service. 


Users who show any signs of gambling addiction or vulnerability to it are asked to activate self-exclusion or other limits. Moreover, if you feel addicted, you can contact our customer support via email or online chat and ask it to self-exclude you for a certain period or forever. For our part, we will also exclude sending out any advertising of our promotions for the same period. Please note that self-exclusion means that you will not be able to create a new account at Parimatch, as well as carry out any gaming activities, or conduct financial transactions in an existing account. When such a limit is set for a certain period, you will not be able to remove it before its expiration. When this period ends, we will inform you about this by email and your account will be active again. 


In addition, you are advised to talk to a mental health professional or contact one of the gambling help centers offering support, for example:


  • Gambling Anonymous at 
  • Gambling Therapy at 


The operator retains the right to close a player’s account, as well as refuse to reopen an already closed account for a player who shows any signs of gambling problems, to be sure that the person’s mental health is safe.

Self-Exclusion in Parimatch in India.