Responsible Gambling

Parimatch follows a responsible gambling policy to help its customers gamble responsibly and not become addicted. It protects minors from gambling and allows customers to set different limits on their activities on the Parimatch website or self-exclude. Learn more about all these opportunities below.

Responsible Parimatch gaming in India.

According to the company’s terms and conditions, minors cannot use its services and products. To verify the customers’ age, the company asks them to undergo verification that will confirm their identity. If a player does not provide a document for verification, Parimatch may suspend his account.


Players must provide genuine documents that confirm their identity, such as an ID card, passport, or driver’s license. Photos of these documents should not be edited. Until the player’s identity is verified, they will not be able to make deposits or place bets at Parimatch. If a player is unable to provide a genuine, valid ID document, his account will be closed.


To prevent minors from participating in gambling, parents are recommended to install special programs such as (free) or (free trial) that will allow them to limit control over gambling sites on the computer.

Gambling should be perceived as a form of entertainment and not a way to make money. However, in many cases, players do not control themselves, spend an excessive amount of time, and lose a lot of money, perceiving gambling as a form of income. They always try to win back and do not think about the risks. The company prohibits addicted players from continuing to play on its site. For the same reason, Parimatch follows a responsible gambling policy, which provides careful monitoring and care for vulnerable players. The company pays attention to how clients communicate with its customer support and their overall success to determine whether a person has an addiction. 


Those who feel vulnerable to gambling addiction are advised to sensibly assess the situation and think about certain limits on their activity. Parimatch has many different limits, such as spending limits, deposit limits, and session time limits. Moreover, there is a cooling off limit from one day to six weeks for people who begin to experience changes in behavior, and reactions of the nervous system and who are generally prone to any addictions.

Gambling addiction is quite a serious issue that lots of people experience, that’s why it cannot be underestimated. Parimatch asks its customers to take a special test that will determine whether their gambling involvement level is fine. You can also visit one of the gambling help centers’ sites, find useful information, and take such a test there –


To not become addicted, you can take advantage of the following tips:


  • Do not spend more than you can afford;
  • Use self-control tools such as deposit, spending, and other limits;
  • Do not waste all your time on gambling, and do not forget to take breaks;
  • Remember that gambling is a form of entertainment, not a way to make money;
  • Do not gamble being depressed or stressed;

When your gambling activity becomes a problem and harms your nervous system and mood, Parimatch recommends you take self-exclusion. You can do this by contacting its support service via e-mail or online chat, indicating for what period you would like to stop your activities on its website and not receive any promotional advertising. Being self-excluded, you will not be able to create a new account or carry out any activities on an existing account. Moreover, you are recommended to talk to a mental health specialist or contact a special gambling help center that offers great support, such as Gambling Anonymous at or Gambling Therapy at

The operator has the right to close the account of a player who shows any signs of gambling addiction. To be sure of the person’s safety, we also reserve the right to refuse his request to re-open his account.